Restoran GIGO

A tradition longer than 10 years Restoran Gigo invites you to taste our specialities which has been perfected at home over the decades.

Traditional food, wine from around Serbia will convince you are at the right place...

Veal and Lamb

Veal and lamb cooked in a bell under coals are just a few of the many specialities that we offer at Restoran Gigo.

Restoran Gigo with all its staff, with family tradition, guarantees you a nice, comfortable, enjoyable, but before all else a tasty experience.

We are located in uptown Zemun, at Gornjogradskoj 7c (ex Save Kovacevic, 200 meters from Zemun stadium).

Contact info

Restoran Gigo
Gornjogradska 7c,
11080, Zemun, Belgrade

Tel: +381 (0) 11 2612-253